Ready, Set, Go…Writing and Publishing Your First Novel

Thursday, April 7
6:30 pm
St. Charles Public Library

So you have an idea for your first novel. Maybe it’s still a tiny seed of a concept, ping-ponging around inside your brain; or perhaps you’ve already jumped in with both feet, written and polished it off, and you’re wondering if it’s ready for a publisher. Now what? How do you know when it’s really done? And how do you get it into the hands of a publisher?

Author and Literary Agent, C.H. Armstrong will walk you through the process of how to get started, when to know your manuscript is ready for the next step, and the various paths available for publishing—explaining in detail the three primary paths to publishing, and the red flags authors should beware of along the way.

Hot Reads for Cold NIghts

The St. Charles Public Library’s winter reading program returns for another year. Designed for adults and teens, the program encourages people to read and visit the library in the cold winter months.

Book Bingo

Drop by the library to pick up a Book Bingo sheet. Each square has a different reading challenge to complete. Get a Bingo and earn a treat (for up to four Bingos). Get a Blackout and earn a $10 gift card to Cabin Coffee.

Reading Rewards

Every three books or audiobooks read earns an entry into the monthly drawing. Every month, the library will be giving away two coffee mugs filled with chocolate.

Find the Goat

Every week, the library goat will pose for a photo somewhere in the local area. Treats will be given to those that correctly guess the location of the photo.

Water Stories Workshop

Thursday, March 17 – 6:30pm
St. Charles Public Library

Open to all ages, this one-hour workshop will explore ways of knowing and experiencing water through shared storytelling.  Participants will reflect on We Are Water themes by listening to local audio stories, exchanging stories with each other, and reflecting as a group.  The workshop will encourage participants to articulate ways that water is meaningful to themselves and explore the different types of relationships we can have with water – survival, practical, scientific, and beyond!

This program is only one of many to be hosted in Winona County in March and April, with the Winona County Historical Society hosting the We Are Water MN traveling exhibit as the centerpiece.  For a complete listing of programs, go to

Blind Date with a Book

You won’t be able to judge these books by their covers.  Throughout the month of February, the St. Charles Public Library is encouraging readers to go on a blind date with a book.

All books are wrapped in paper, obscuring their titles.  The only clue as to their contents are a unique personals advertisement.  Take one of these books for a spin, sight unseen.  Who knows?  You might find a new life-long love.

Holiday Closures

The St. Charles Public Library will be closed on the following dates:

Friday, December 24
Saturday, December 25
Friday, December 31
Saturday, January 1

A Talk with Author Danielle Leukam

In 2018, Danielle Leukam was assaulted in her own home in St. Charles.  Today, her mission is to raise awareness and help other survivors.

This is her story.

Danielle is the author of ‘Four Pounds of Pressure: A Memoir of Rape, Survival, and Taking Back My Power’ and the children’s book, ‘Fly Like a Girl.’

Danielle will visit the library to share her story, answer questions, and sign and sell copies of her books.

For more information on Danielle Leukam, check out her website at